Welcome to the placeholder for the new Made Of Dreams website.

A lot of time passed since the creation of cracking group CRX in 1993. World has changed, our lives too... and so has the group. From warez releases (Dune II, Rise of the Triad, Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Baldur's Gate DVD, Will Rock uncensoring patch) to utilities (DOS Font Changer, Ultimate Game Patcher series), from webdesign (DJ Furax, Jeux Americains, Spirit Sonorisation, The Art of Food Carving, 2VD) to movie production (The Passion of the Temporaire, The Good Life, Cap 400), we did a lot! Let's not forget our journey in the demoscene between 1996 and 1998 where we met lots of great people at parties! Thanks for all the great moments folks!!!!

Throughout the years, several names were used: CRX, MOD Team, Made Of Deams, MOD Corp, Not Enough Memory, MOD Movies.

This is past, but is this the end? Of course not!

We'll update this page with a full history and member list. As for offering download of our productions... this will be difficult since many old ones are warez, our diskmags have vanished with the BBS demise (anyway first issues were running under DOS exclusively) as did our old utilities...

Meanwhile, we encourage you to visit our ongoing projects:

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